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Connecting you, your Interests and your website to people and search engines

Community of Talented People

Network of Business and Personal Websites

Management and Organizational Development Professional

Shining Talent is a community of businesses and professionals. It links them through subdomains. Members have free access to shining talent’s directory, forum and networking subdomains. We provide our members complete autonomy by giving Cpanel web hosting. You can have a subdomain for multiple purposes for example, running your own personal or business website, blog, forums. You can have free or ad-free subdomain. If you wish to have a free subdomain, you must make a request through contact form and give undertaking that you will run the google ad code on your website which will be provide by us.

  • Marketing and promoting your interests and websites through a panel subdomain.
  • Get backlinks for your websites through Ad free sub domain
  • Get Ad free 100 MB disk space with your own Cpanel
  • Only Members have free access to the Shining Talent business directory
  • Only Members have free access to Shining Talent Forum
  • Shining Talent provides free blog and forums scripts and templates for websites

Register your ad free SubDomain & Hosting only $49 per year

Branding Business & Professional interests with shiningtalent.com



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