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Critical Evaluation of Affiliate Programs

On the internet so many affiliate programs are available that if one starts signing all of them one might not be able to do so in a short span of time. Almost all of them claim to let members to earn thousands of dollar without spending much efforts. Indeed, it does not take more than 5 minutes to sign up free affiliate programs, hence novice considers it an opportunity to make easy residual money; however it is an interesting and vital question whether or not affiliates really make money from these programs?

There are hardly any evidence that people really make huge or even a reasonable residual money from joining affiliate programs. Frankly speaking, joining and putting efforts to market your affiliate page is only beneficial to the owner of the company and not to the affiliate. You as affiliate member, in fact, not marketing your affiliate page but the company who owns the business. Consider the following points and you will find how useless it is to be an affiliate?

1) All companies put some minimum amount restriction before they pay out. So you will not be paid until you reach the minimum pay out. It is very likely that you have lost the hope of making money even well before reaching the minimum point. In this case, if you have earned any commission, it is in the pocket of the owner and not in yours. I recall when I had earned around $17 but could not claim because the minimum pay out limit was $50.

2) Your affiliate code can easily be removed by the visitors. Just consider this example: “I come opened a site in which you have put so much efforts but you cannot control my behavior; I can easily remove your affiliate code, which means that the owner of the website will never know that I visited the website due to your effort, which further means you will not be paid for those visitors which is not associated with your code.” If you recall, a few years back, you could see Amazon.com link on many websites because websites’ owners thought they could share Amazon revenues and make easy money.  It is funny but reality that I don’t even remember the affiliate who introduced me to Amazon affiliate program – but I know Amazon. If I wish to buy something from them, I’ll now directly go to their website and buy it but the affiliate will not even earn a single cent or penny.

3)    There are some companies are paying peanuts to their affiliate; however there are so many companies they cheat or close down the website, so in both cases, your efforts go in vain.

 ShiningTalent is not in favor of affiliate programs, therefore, it is not offered. We are fair with our customers because we don’t want to encash efforts of our valuable clients. Besides, we are also not offering free sub domain like some other sites do; the reasons is that we believe in transparency.  It is no fun to offer a free sub domain and introduce restrictions later on – after gaining the popularity. Having free subdomain has lost its popularity due to unethical business behavior of owners of the domains.  Some years ago, I signed up with a few of companies who offered free sub domains but within a year they snatched FTP, email and features.

ShiningTalent cannot ignore its social responsibility towards its valuable customers thus we do not claim what we cannot offer in long run.  Our team strongly believes, we are new but we will grow.

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