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This article has specifically been written for those people who have little financial resources but have ample time, ideas and wish to improve their financial conditions. Second audience of the articles who joins various affiliate programs with the hope that they would earn huge money but unable earn even a cent or penny. The most important and emphasizing point of article is to highlighting importance of human resources. Without having adequate human resource, neither ideas nor business can be  promoted your. Even if one has huge financial resources, no one can make money without hiring services of people.

Runner of all affiliate programs understand importance of human resources therefore they attract people who have no or little financial resources by offering free affiliation. People get lured by these affiliate programs and start joining and promoting the website without even bothering who is a real winner of the game. Just think how many people really become rich even after signing so called money making affiliate programs? At least till today, I did not even hear a single story that an affiliate has become rich. Affiliate programs take people services on commission basis. After joining these programs, members start putting efforts day and night to promote the affiliation without thinking that it might not even give a dime to them. They even don’t think that your invitee could easily remove your affiliate code and purchase the product or service – so in that case how you could prove that the new member has purchased the service or product because of your effort – even you would never know. Mind it, the owner of the website is beneficiary even no one removes your affiliate code or no one purchase the service, because you have introduced a potential client. Marketing efforts might not bring immediate results but they can bring in future but it is possible that you won’t be the beneficiary. Marketing professionals well aware of this fact and that’s why they demand heavy salaries.

Suggestion who really wish to make money with less investment

Find like minded, sincere and honest people and turn them into your partner. Just think if a few people put financial and human resources together what they can achieve! Bill Gate was once a partner before reaching to the stage of millionaire. I can recall a group of 5 who established a business together and recover their investment in first 6 months and then started to make profits.

If you wish to start business which needs physical presence and infra-structure, you need to look around you for partners. However, if you wish to start business on internet, it does not matter whether your partners resides in the same country or not. The best way is to do some small collective activities together to develop trust on each other.

So start looking for partners who have ideas, skills, time, honesty and sincerity. If you able to find partners, soon you will experience positive financial results.

Remember: Prime qualities for partnership business are honesty and sincerity.

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