Unsolicited Bulk Emailing

There is hardly any email user who has not found unsolicited email in the account, which is of course quite annoying. These emails are primarily sent to promote online business and interests. Does this strategy really work?

Bulk emailing might be useful in the beginning when internet technology was introduced in 90s but it is sheer waste of time to spend energies in collecting emails and sending them.

1)  People now quite quickly recognize whether or an email is unsolicited. Attractive text in the subject line hardly persuade the recipients to open and read the email.  Even technique of ‘Re’ does not work any more.

2) Even if someone opens the bulk email message, it very likely that he/she won’t bother to visit website or take interest in the offer. Yes, it is possible that sender’s address will be added in ‘unsafe’ list, which means that the email will always go in the junk folder. No need to say that people hardly bother to open junk folder.

3) Free emails sites such as http://yahoo.com, http://hotmail.com, http://gmail.com, http://mail.com  and others have installed sophisticated screening software which won’t let your bulk emails to reach in the inbox of the recipients.

Those who believe in unsolicited bulk emailing must keep it in mind that they will not get any business, nor will be able to attract visitors by sending junk bulk mailing thus it is much better to spend time, energies and money on legitimate sources to attract visitors for your online business. Anyway, unsolicited bulk emailing is anyway illegal. However, it should be noted that sending individual unsolicited email is not considered illegal.

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