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Networking Sites and Promotion of Your Interests

Many people spend so much time on Social Networking sites without realizing that it will hardly bring any business to them. The truth of the said statement can easily be verified by checking the statistics in the administrative area of the website where one can view from where visitors hit the website. Webmasters will not be surprised to know that they only get a couple of visitors form the most popular networking sites like facebook and twitter.

Unfortunately, they are not even genuine networking site because one can never be sure whether a profile is fake or genuine. It is an open secret that social networking sites have fake and genuine, serious and non-serious profiles. Social networking sites do not mind to have fake profiles because fake profiles are one of the major sources of earning revenue.

Social Networking sites do not promote your interests rather the case is vice verse. Networking sites only provide you an interactive website with predetermined options and demand you to spend hours and hours to get members who can read your profile.  Top of that, it is very likely that you are banned by the time you reach a reasonable number of members. Frankly speaking, if you spend the same time on your own website or web pages, you probably be better off than spending time on making so called friends. Interestingly, you get really a very few people who really bother to read your profile; they just accept or reject your request of friendship and get busy in promoting their own profile.

It is also surprising that many websites are putting badge of networking sites on their own website without thinking. What is the purpose of this badge? Do you want more visitors on your website or more visitors for your favorite networking site? Putting other site badge detracts your visitors. Inserting code of pay per click  is also distracting but detracts worth it because in return you are paid whereas when people go to other networking site from your page, you are loser-winner situation where you are the loser and your favorite networking site is a winner.

Whether like it or not, your personal or business profile won’t be very much appreciated and trusted when you only promote yourself on free networking sites. Joining networking sites may pays you if you treat them just a tool to get a backline but relying solely on them is not recommended. We have browsed over the net to find out what people say about networking sites. A few comments are reproduced here.

“Ridiculous, people go to Facebook to hang out and be seen, same with myspace, and twitter is really useless. We’ve wasted enough time and money on FB, not a single sale.”

“Maybe it’s time to take another approach. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish too though. You may not have goals that Twitter or Facebook can help you achieve.”

“Although not an expert, I don’t like to spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter, and certainly am not interested my self to be active on these social medias. I don’t like to think that I have to be obsessed with being so active on twitter and facebook in order for my website to rank.”

“Social media is so over rated, people go the the social websites to do just that socialize, not purchase. I’ve had the number one site for close to a year with search term “facebook marketing” and Facebook advertising” within my area and minimal clients. The question is… is facebook even worth wasting your time with advertising? I say no. Linked in will always be my main source of income. It’s known for business networking, so social business networking? Yes, social media marketing, in my opinion, a huge waste of time and money.”

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