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It is not that only celebrities and famous people should have their own personal website,  it has also been becoming increasingly important for all individuals to have their own website, especially if they want to meet new and better opportunities.

On the personal website, one can tell a lot more than what might be considered odd mentioning, formally. For example, Writing extensively about your professional achievements in the resume is neither possible due to limited space nor looks very professional but on your website you can share almost every thing with the potential employer. Certainly, you can refer your website to your potential employer by mentioning URL in the CV.  It is an impressive way to get attention of potential employer. Be assured 90% serious employers will visit your personal website. Many employers in these days have column in the application form where they ask you about your presences on the net. And, this trend will increase in coming days. It is not necessary that you write about your professional achievement in a very formal way, you can accomplish the target by writing in an informal way.  Along with professional achievement, you can impress others and potential employers by telling about yourself and your other activities. You must keep it in mind, people do give due importance to the factors other than your professional achievements while dealing with you.

Having website not only is important for those who are seeking job but also important for those who are already employed. With the appropriate keywords and description, employers can find you on the internet and don’t mind to contact you if your profile matches with the opening. Many people rise on hierarchy because of their presence on the internet.

Whether or not, you are celebrity or a famous person, people always curious to know about you as a person if they know you in anyway – remember you are a celebrity for a person who knows you (90% of your acquaintances will visit your website but it is very unlikely people bother to visit your social networking page unless they are member of the same network). If you are of the opinion that people will not visit your website – then – just think how would you react if you meet a person on a road, cafeteria, at work or any other place and she/he gives you  a URL of personal website, will you visit her/his website or not? Most likely, you will visit the website. Won’t you like to develop a relationship with a person if you like the website? If the website is impressive it is very likely that you would like to develop relationship with the person. Other people are like you – if you have a website they will visit it and if they like your profile they would like to meeting you again. Internet presence through social networking sites is very different than having your own website. When you have your own website, you can have your own design which reflects you and not the site owner. On your own website, you decide how and where information should be displayed and not the owner of social networking or social media sites.  You can have concrete relationship if you add a guest book where people can share with you.

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