Subdomain: A Superior Marketing Tool

A decade ago having subdomain was in the limelight but slowly it lost its popularity.  Why subdomain option has lost its popularity is the point of discussion of this article. Subdomain providers erroneous strategy and wave of social networking sites are the two main reasons that played significant role in decaling the popularity of the subdomain.

At the apex level, blame goes to subdomain providers for a faulty strategy. To increase presence on internet, they offered subdomain with all sorts of facilities but immediately gaining the minimum threshold of popularity they started to impose undue restrictions on the subdomain holders, for example restricting ftp access, snatching sub domain associated email etc. At the same, they took it for granted to use the prime space of the subdomain to run ads – their ads were all over the place – at the top, at the bottom and at the side panel, which left very little space for the user to show its contents. The strategy was received as a deception by the free users. After introduction of social networking sites, free users find it more attractive so they immediately switched to this option without hesitation. Besides, networking sites created a phobia as it is much easier to promote personal and business interests by becoming their free members, which is of course not true. No one can deny the fact that you must work hard to get proper attention even if you are a member of the popular networking sites. Often you have seen that big companies mention URL of the social networking site where viewer can look for their activities; if they don’t mention no one will bother to find them on the networking site of their choice.

Now, it is a point of discussion that which of the options, sub domain or social networking, is superior? As a matter of fact, subdomain option is a high level tool to market your interests and test your ideas than joining social networking sites. You can have same advantages of social networking sites with full control if also add free scripts of blogs and forums; and, there are plenty of free scripts available on the net. Moreover, social networking sites do not support innovation as is the case with the subdomain. You can design your subdomain as it suits to your needs. Webmasters can turn subdomain option, if use intelligently, into a more effective tool for promoting interests than social networking sites. The following are a few of the advantages to have subdomain:

  1. Search engines find your subdomain automatically while indexing the main domain.
  2. Unlike social networking sites, visitors don’t need to be a member to view your site.
  3. It is cost effective if you need backlinks for your website or to test your idea on the net. You can get a subdomain for a price that webmaster generally pay to add a feature links in the directory.
  4. The owner of the subdomain will have full rights of designing and contents.
  5. If you have your own subdomain, ‘no-follow’ attribute cannot be added but it is possible on social networking sites and directories. Mind it, No-follow attribute does not help in improving page ranking on search engines.
  6. Subdomain providers like ShiningTalent provides added benefit as they provide link to subdomain from their main domain, which means visitors of main domain can be a visitor of your subdomain or the vice versa. In this way, you also get the feature of social networking.
  7. If you are having paid subdomain then you can run your own ads and earn money which is not possible on social networking sites.

 In the closing remarks, it is important to note, whether it is a social networking site or a subdomain provider, none can provide free disk space to unlimited users; consequently, either they must charge you or place ads on your allocated place. In both cases, you have to pay directly or indirectly. If you choose to pay indirectly, you have lesser control on the admin area, which is not very beneficial.

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