Increasing Website Traffic

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) primarily means designing front and back ends of a website in such a way that search engines find it easily. Now, this term, however, is not only restricted to search engines but refers to all activates that bring traffic to your site. Below are given the ways that help in increasing traffic on a website.

 Contents (Most Effective)

Contents of your website are more important to get traffic.  If you have great contents even search engines cannot ignore your website.

 Search Engines (Most Effective)

Internet search engines and search directories will not find a website until appropriate metatags are written. Search engines look for metatags of description, keywords and language. Apart from metatags, webpages should have title for each page. After writing metatags and key words according to the contents of a website it must be submitted manually to the search engines and web directories.

 Online Directories (Effective)

It is not sufficient to add website URL only in search engines. Webmasters add website in the appropriate sections of various directories. These backlinks help to popular website.  Check that a directory is not a ‘no-fellow’ directory. If it is a ‘no-fellow’ directory your link will not be treated as a backlink by search engines. ShiningTalent is not a ‘no-fellow’ website.

 Online Bookmarking Sites. (Effective)

 Only a few web directories add your URL immediately. If you wish to have backlinks quickly, you can search for bookmarking websites that add your domain instantly. Be remember to make your bookmark “public”, which means other people can see listing of your online bookmarks.  Again, you must check if it is a ‘no-fellow’ or ‘do-fellow’ site.

 Online Networking Sites (Partially Effective)

Social networking sites another good way to bring traffic to your website. Most of networking sites allow to add url.  Spending overtime on online networking can take you far behind from your real goal.

 Forums and Ads (Partially Effective)

There are a lot of forums and classified advertisement websites, where you can write about your web, web pages and services.

 Banner Exchange (Not Very Effective)

Another method to join banner exchange websites. Other people will run banner ads on your site and banner of your site will be shown on their websites.

  Traffic Exchange (Least Effective)

 You can bring quite a few visitors to your website by joining traffic exchange websites. However, these hits that you get from traffic exchange hardly counted by search engines. In such programs, it is very likely that the same persons will view your website again and again, which is not very useful.

 Web Articles (Effective)

Submit articles to the websites that allows to mention URL of your domain and allow backlink.

Marketing Sites: (Effective)

The marketing sites that allows you to write review of your website is very effective. You get direct customers from marketing sites and also get rated in search engines.

 Text link ads (Effective)

 You can also place paid or unpaid text link ads on others websites. Each link will give you a backlink.

Official Publicity Material (Very Effective)

 A great number of visitors visit your website if you have added correct URL of your website on official and publicity material such as letter heads, visiting cards, brochures etc.


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