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 Nadeem Yousaf, Nadeem Yousaf: Human Resource and Management Advisor (0 Replies, Read 18186 times)
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Mr. Nadeem Yousaf is a Human Resource and Management professional who has worked on senior positions in various business organizations. He also contributed his knowledge with BBA and MBA while delivering lectures in various countries including Pakistan, Australia, Finland, Oman and Denmark. He gained enriched work experience from different countries. He has great understanding about dynamics that contribute in development and declining of organizations. According to him, Human Capital is vital in the growth of any firm.

Mr. Yousaf studied in Norway from where he obtained Bachelor and Master degrees. He has keen interest in acquiring knowledge from different disciplines such as psychology, political science, management, sociology and so on.

Mr. Yousaf  is very fond of travelling and travelled in many countries. He appreciates cross-cultural differences but strongly believe that these minor differences should not hinder in interacting with people from different countries. However, he emphasizes people should be sensitive to the codes of others' cultures.

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf very much interested in writing articles on various issues such as business management, religion and politics. Mr. Yousaf's personal website gives quite interesting information that can be useful to business professionals.

To know more about me visit http://nyousaf.com
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