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 Personal Website, Are personal websites important? (0 Replies, Read 17304 times)
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When people ask should individuals have personal website? Simple answer is yes. Personal websites are more interesting and more important than just joining Linkedin and Facebook. On your persoanal website, you can add information that is not possible for social networking websites. It is not difficult to popular your own website if you spend the same amount of time that you spend on the social networking websites. Having your own website means that you are not just a number. People will spend more time on your personal website than on a profile on social networking sites. Minimum time that people spend on personal website is averagely 5 minutes which is far more than the time people spend on social media profiles.

Another positive point of personal website is that you might have opportunity to make money from your website by running third party ads.

You can have personal website on your own domain name or on a subdomain.
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