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 Page Rank, Page Rank (1 Replies, Read 17876 times)
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There are many online websites that analyse and rank other websites using various means including contents, visitors, backlines etc. They use different algorithm to assess popularity of the websites to rank the page or website.

This is, though, good to check popularity of a website through analytic websites but one shouldn't completely rely on  them; even not on google page rank. Recently, it is noticed that Google has changed its algorithm which has decreased page rank of millions of websites even though real number of visitors of these websites have not decreased. 

Mind it, these all sites use analytic technique that suit to their interests. For example, Google recently downgraded websites to discourage advertisement on other websites. Google noticed that people started to advertise on various unknown with websites with good page rank, which was not in the interest of the Google consequently it downgraded the page rank of websites. Google has not appreciated the fact that those who are in online business they are well aware of the fact that all traffic cannot be generated through search engines. Webmasters must sought different ways to attract traffic for the website - and there are many useful means are available on the net. Even Google closes its search engine, the traffic will not be reduced for many websites.

The crux of this article is that webmaster cannot simply rely on page rank of analytic websites.

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Page Rank
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It is a very informative article about page rank. More than page rank it is better to concentrate on improving quality visitors.

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