ShiningTalent are online marketer and promoter. Unlike other free providers of social networking or subdomain, we actively promote your sub domains and website.  ShiningTalent does not ask its members to spend hours and hours to make so called friends to market interests.

Free service providers indeed give a free membership space but enjoy monetary benefits on the expense of your labor. It is a kind of bondage labor on the net. We are transparent in our business: we charge for our labor and service that we are rendering you in marketing and promoting your interests.

What does ShiningTalent market and promote?  We market and promote your talent, services, products, websites events, hobbies and other interests on the internet. Our team strive day and night to get unique visitors to market and promote your interests.

Static Vs. Dynamic: ShiningTalent gives you free hand to add information that suits your need and not ours. We do not give a static options to our members with pre-designed format; rather we offer you a sub-domain and hosting with a lot of features so that you can add information that serve your needs – not ours.

Nothing is Free: We strongly believe nothing is free therefore We will not run unpaid ugly ads on your subdomain that spoils looks and beauty of your website.

If you have your own website, it is still beneficial to be a member of the ShiningTalent. Visitors of your subdomain with the ShiningTalent can visit your website too, which means more traffic to your website. Top of that it will improve ranking of your website in search engines, which again means more exposure to you and your website.  If you think that subdomain is not an option for you, so you can buy a backlink from us.

No, we are not stopping here: we provide you with the opportunity to make money by running your own pay per click or direct ads.  Yes, if we get a request to run ad on your subdomain, we pay you $5 per month for each ad. You are our sharing partner therefore we have announced that from our earning from selling subdomain, we give you cash awards.  Working together will bring win-win situation to both of us. Now you will appreciate the benefits in becoming our sharing partner.

If you have any question, please check out Faq. If you still have a question, feel free to send us email. All serious enquires will be answered within 24 hours.

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