Ads: Residual Income

 It is a unique offer by the management of ShiningTalent to kill two birds with one stone. While we market your web pages and provide you with the opportunity to earn money. Check out our introductory offer and services.

ShiningTalent allows members to market and promote their interests and at the same time make money by running ads on their website. We do not make promise that members can earn 1000s of dollar in a day but you will have secure way of making residual income. According to our experience, running pay per click (PPC) ads is the best, secure, genuine and easy way to earn residual income.  Yes, we also allow you to run direct ads on your website and we will not share your money. The other option of earning money is our ads. We pay you $5 if we runs ads on your website. Join Now


How does PPC work?

  •  Register with any Pay Per Click program.
  • Add a code on your web pages.
  • Now you can monitor how much money you have earned through PPC.

 Direct Ads

You can also accept direct ads on your sub domain. We will not share money with you if you run direct ads on your website.

 Our Ads

If we run ad on your website, we pay you $5 per month. All payments will be sent by PayPal. We inform you by email that is registered with us.

  Terms of Service

    1. You must strictly adhere the publishing policy of the PPC ad provider.
    2. Remember, you cannot click your own PPC ads.
    3. Shining Talent does not take the responsibility if the ad provider seizes your account for any reasons.
    4. Shining Talent does not guarantee whether or not your PPC ads generate income for you.
    5. We do not guarantee whether we will run ads on your website. It is up to the clients whether or not they wish to run ads on your sub domain.
    6. Team of Shining Talent will not click your PPC ad.
    7. You will not be allowed to run direct ads which spread hatred, selling drugs or sites with explicit sexual contents. If you run such ads we terminate your account without notice.

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