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admin · May 2 '14
This is a debate in many countries, for example, Denmark and Pakistan, whether people should be allowed to have dual nationality. Dual nationality is a conflict of interests. If two countries come into a conflict, it becomes a question whom one should support. Let's take a simple example from a football game, If America and Norway are playing a match in the final, should an American-Norwegian provides support to America or Norway. This is a simple example, but a source of raising a lot of questions. I'm of the opinion that a person should not be allowed to have a dual nationality and you can read more by clicking one of the links.
nad · Apr 3 '14 · Tags: dual nationality
The current Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharief though in public claim that they areservants  of the people but act like colonial master. Nonetheless, they are servants and pay a little tax, they wish to rule the country, but for the medical treatment  they run in the UK. They have not accumulated wealth by fair means, but corruption. They entered into politics because they believe in professionalism, but to gain improve their business links at the international level. They use all the corrupt means to enhance their wealth. Shame on such leaders.
nad · Mar 29 '14 · Tags: shahbaz sharief, nawaz sharief
This is always an issue of management as to how manage your employees. Managers must understands needs of their employees, which are dynamic but not static. Management of employees' needs makes you loser or winning manager. My website provides you good tips as to how to manage  your workforce.
nad · Mar 15 '14 · Tags: manager
 There is a great difference between dating and matrimonialwebsite is the intention. Apparently both the sites look alike but matrimonial websites assist in findinglong term relationship that is knot in wedlock. On the contrary dating websites promote the idea of short term relationship. Mostly matrimonial sites are running by Asian community where marriage is still treated as espoused, respected and trustworthy relationship and short-term sexual relationships are despised.
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