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Management and Human Resource Professionals

The group is or professionals of Management and Human Resource Development.
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nad Mar 8 '14
Organizational involvement depends upon relationship between superior and subordinates. Individual show different level of ego-levels that can escalate or de-escalate conflicts. http://nyousaf.com/psychology/iel-and-involvement/
nad Mar 7 '14
Task orientation is not bad if it is mixed with relationship orientation. You should be sympathetic when subordinates face personal problems. http://nyousaf.com/...oblems-and-conflict/
nad Mar 3 '14
What is Gestalt Communication. Understanding communication is process of whole and not parts. When two people communicate they experience 'whole' and based upon that whole they interpret the situation and events. To know more about gestalt communication read this article http://nyousaf.com/psychology/gestalt-communication/
nad Mar 2 '14
This is an interesting question whether organizations as an entity can fall in learned helplessness as individuals. This is the issue is taken up in the article which is quite interesting and informative for management and human resources experts and professionals. http://nyousaf.com/...ss-in-organizations/
nad Mar 2 '14
Check out http://nyousaf.com