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Cpanel SubDomain

  1. Introductory offer: Become a member, pay as low as $0.13 per day  ($50 per year)
  2.  Get a subdomain for a year.
  3. Run your own ads
  4. Get free access to our other websites forum, networking and directory.
  5. Being a member of the shining Talent, search engines will find your subdomain automatically.
  6. 100 MB disk space with Personal Cpanel with all the features. If you wish you can increase your disk space only paying $5 per 50 MB
  7. Free 1 mailing list
  8. Free 5 Database
  9. Sub domain associated Email Account
  10. Ftp account.
  11. Free Guest Book
  12. Install Blog. forum, wiki etc.
  13. Free Website templates
  14. Website owner will get backlink to their website.

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