What are advantages of becoming member of ShiningTalent?

  • We connect you to the market by giving you  
  • Ad free Cpanel subdomain, free access to forum, networking and bookmarking and web directory.
  • You will be able to run your own pay ads
  • You do not need to submit to search engines. Search engines will find your profile automatically. However, if you wish to submit your URL to search engines and directories, we do not object.
  • You can upload your own videos.

 Is there any restriction of web pages?

  •  You can have number of web pages and add as many information as you want.

 How will I login to my Cpanel?

 How will I check my email?

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 How can I pay?

 I have a website, so why should I become a member?

  •  It is good that you have a website. Signing with us gives you a backlinks by writing on subdomain, forum, networking and web directory. External links improves your ranking in the search engines and search directories. You will never find such a cheap way to advertise and get backlink for your website.

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What URL I’ll get?

  • It will be linked with with Shining Talent, for example, yourname.shiningtalent.com

 Can I be linked to more than one category?

  •  No, it is not possible. Besides, you cannot request your site in the irrelevant category.

 There are many free sites, why not registered with them free of cost?

  • Yes you can do so but then they will run their own ads and you will not earn anything. With ShiningTalent, you will run your own ads and make money.

 Why not I upload my information on social networking sites?

  •  Yes, you can do so – BUT –  you will just use their template and follow their instructions. Remember, most of social networking sites are ‘no-follow’ sites and it won’t influence your page ranking. You will be hardly making money by having membership on networking sites. These social networking sites have a very limited scope to tell about yourself, products, services, events and websites. If you are on networking sites, it will be an added advantage to you to get your members to your real profile that you have uploaded with us.

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 Can I upload nude/adults porno photos?

  •  Sorry, we do not allow completely nude and sexual oriented photographs and material. If you violate our terms of service, we block your sub-domain with or without notice. Read our terms of services. However, photographs in swimsuits, bikinis and similar type clothing is acceptable.

 Will you run ads on my site?

  •  No.

 I have a registered sub domain and running pay per click ad but no one clicked them?

  •  ShiningTalent does not take responsibility of it.

 I signed with a pay per click brokers and they have suspended my account.

  •  ShiningTalent has no control on it. It is between you and your PPC broker.

 What is your refund policy?

  •  Unfortunately, we will refund after setting-up your account. 

 I don’t have time to design my sub domain, can you do it?

  •  Yes we can design your web pages for nominal charges.

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